King Single Swags and Other Sizes: Things to Consider

King Single Swags and Other Sizes: Things to Consider

In this article I will review the size differences between swags designed for one person available on the Australian market, and in particular take a look at king single swags.

When buying a swag for yourself, the first question people generally ask themselves is, which size is best? Obviously if you want a swag for two people, you need to go to a double or queen size, but generally a single swag is best for one person. Some think that getting a double for one person is a good idea, however a double swag is much longer in the bag when packed up, so your ability to carry the swag in your vehicle should also be considered.

If you’ve made the decision to shop for a single swag, here are the rough size differences between the different categories of single swags:

Single Swags: 185 x 70 cms wide;

King Single Swags: 210 x 90 cms wide;

Oversized Swags: 215 x 110 cms wide.

These sizes are only a general rule of thumb, each manufacturer has their own sizes in these categories. We for example, manufacture the following sizes:

Single Swag: 185 x 85 cms;

King Single Swag: 210 x 95 cms;

Big Boy Swag (oversize): 225 x 110 cms.

To give you some idea of which size swags are the most popular, let me give you a rough break down of our swag sales for each size by percentage:

Single Swags: 5%

King Single Swags: 45%

Big Boy Swags: 50%

Singles are generally purchased for smaller women and children to use, but many women also prefer the king single swag size. Also when purchasing for children, many parents will purchase the king single size, so that their children can grow into the swag and keep it when they are older. We generally only see women and children buying Big Boy swags when they are exceptionally tall, or in the case of children, expected to grow up to be so.

Now to the guys. Really there are two main factors driving the sales of Big Boy Swags. The first is, how tall the person is. Anyone six foot tall or over, generally purchases a Big Boy swag so they have plenty of room between the ends of the swag and their head and feet. At 225 cms long, our Big Boy swag caters for people up to seven foot tall, and is the longest swag I know of on the market.

(please forgive me quoting sizes in metric and imperial if you are an international reader. Australian’s use both systems depending on the context of what they are discussing).

Now to the width of the swag. There’s some big guys around that really appreciate the width of a Big Boy swag. At a 110 cms wide, not only is the width of the swag bigger, but if you are buying a dome type swag, these swags have more height, and a general feeling of spaciousness which big guys enjoy.

So if you are a big guy in either height or girth, you’re probably going to want the Big Boy sized swag, if not the King Single swag is generally the way to go because it packs up smaller and is cheaper to buy.

One last word on mattress thickness. Forget 50mm mattresses, the only reason some manufactures provide them is to keep the cost of their swags down, they are terrible to sleep on. Our basic matress are 70mm thick, which we generally recommend if you’re 90kgs or under. But if you’re bigger then this we would highly recommend you consider our (not sure if anyone else does one?) pillow top deluxe mattress which is 110mm thick. This has the same 70mm thick high density foam mattress of the basic 70mm, but also have a low density 40mm foam on top of this. This softer foam contours to your body much better, and helps give a better nights sleep.

Anyway, this is a bit of advice from my experiences both using swags and talking to customers that do so, I hope you have found it helpful.

Kulkyne Swags manufactures all three size swags mentioned in this article. If you would like to view our full range of swags or to learn more about our product range, please visit our swags page:

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