Swag Sleeping Bags: What Are 4 Season Sleeping Bags?

Swag Sleeping Bags: What Are 4 Season Sleeping Bags?

So what is a 4 Season Sleeping Bag? Well it’s a swag sleeping bag with four different temperature ratings. This allows you to adjust the warmth of the bag to match the season of the year.

For example our swag bags have adjustable temperature ratings of +15, +5, -5 and -10. So how are these different ratings achieved? We’ll let me explain how we achieve this adjustment in the bags warmth.

Summer Rating +15 is achieved by using the inner supplied with the bag which is simply a flannel/polar fleece light weight bag within the main bag. This inner bag can be used on top of the main bag and allows you to have a comfortable nights sleep, even in summer.

Spring/Autumn Rating +5 is achieved by removing the inner and just using the main part of the swag bag, which is similar to a traditional bag.

Spring/Autumn/Winter Rating -5 is achieved by using the inner inside the main part of the bag.

Winter -10 Rating is achieved by sleeping underneath the inner, this means you are positioned under the two layers of the inner and the outer layer of the bag, giving you an extra layer.

Our 4 Season Swag Bags are at the premium end of the market price wise, so how do they compare to traditional bags of the same price range? Well the problem with high price sleeping bags is that they are great in winter where you really get what you pay for, but in summer you cook in them as they do not cater for this. This leaves you looking for an additional summer bag, meaning you need two traditional bags to be comfortable all year round.

Anyway I hope you have understood my explanation of how our swag sleeping bags work, you are welcome to visit our website to see some pictures of what this king of sleeping bag actually looks like.

One further note, we love to hear from our customers on design ideas for new products. Some of our best ideas have started by discussions with customers who have discussed an idea or a problem with us that we have then moved onto develop. If you have an idea for a new product we’d love to hear from you, please visit our website to find our contact details and send us an email or give us a call.

Kulkyne Swags manufacture a range of swag sleeping bags to fit our different size swags. Our 4 Season Sleeping Bags are very popular and are just as comfortable in summer as in winter. Please visit our website to see our range: https://www.kulkyne.com.au/

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  1. I understand that your bags are high quality & adaptable but with the homestead king single it says they’re designed to suit. Can you please elaborate. Are they just the perfect size or are they somehow integrated into the swag?

    1. Just made to the right size mate, the bags are quite heavy, so they don’t move around too much while sleeping like lighter weight bags.

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