Canvas Care Instructions

Canvas Care Instructions

While these canvas care instructions are written for our Kulkyne Swags,
you can apply them to any cotton type canvas swag or tent.
By seasoning your canvas when your swag is new and looking after it
according to these instructions, you will ensure your swag lasts a long time.
These instructions cover the following topics:

  • Seasoning your new swag;
  • Looking after your swag;
  • Cleaning your swag;
  • Retreating your canvas;
  • Repairing torn canvas;
  • Repairing torn flyscreens;
  • Repairing damaged PVC.

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  1. Great looking gear at a good price.

  2. Love my bigboy swag,

  3. Hi i have had a double swag for 10 years and it has not missed a beat . i look forward to going to bed . regards Neil Russell

  4. Great Quality Products…
    Use the Big Boy Swag and 4 Seasons Sleeping Bag…

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