The Best Double Swag

The Best Double Swag

We believe we have the best two double swags on the market, so we wanted to do a head to head comparison of our double swags to see which one is best for you.

Our Double Swag Sizes

A normal double swag is normally considered to be around 140cms wide and about 210cms long. We do not have a size that exactly matches the norm, rather we have the Queen size dome swag which is 150 x 225 cms; and the Twin Homestead stretcher swag which is 160 x 225cms.

The reason we have designed our double swags to be larger, is to give both partners more room to move without disturbing the other, and also to give a general feeling of spaciousness inside the swag, which does make a huge difference to the comfort of a double swag.

Double Swag – Twin Homestead

While it does take a little longer to set up our double homestead swag, there are certainly advantages to doing so.

The first advantage is the comfort the stretcher base of the swag and mattress give you. And you only need a thin mattress in this swag, this means the pack up size is great.

When packing up the double homestead it has two single mattresses inside, so you can stack them, one on top of the other, and then roll the swag up to be the same size as a single swag. Of course the stretcher base goes into a separate bag.

The other great thing about the double homestead swag is that all the ropes and poles go into the frame itself, meaning no need for pegs unless you hit really bad weather.

So what are the down sides? Some would say the pole down the middle of the swag is a minus, but I actually like it. It really does a great job of isolating you from your partner, or one of the kids, on the other side of the swag, giving a great nights sleep.

Double Swag – Queen Dome

If you’re happy sleeping on the ground then maybe our Queen size double swag is for you. It is certainly cheaper than the Twin Homestead.

In our Queen swag we have a standard 70mm mattress, which gives a good nights sleep, but I prefer our deluxe pillow top mattress which gives a really comfy nights sleep.

Also our Queen swag doesn’t have a pole down the middle as does the double homestead swag, so this is a plus for some people.

What is the down side? Well, one mattress means a long and reasonably bulky swag when packed up when compared to the double homestead, this should be kept in mind when making a decision between the two.

My Favorite Double Swag?

I designed both of these swags, so I love them both. But which one do I use when I go camping? I use the Double Homestead Swag, even when I go on my own. I just love the feeling of sleeping up off the ground, and sleeping to one side of this double swag gives you a really great view of the stars on a clear night which I also enjoy.

If you’d like more information on our range of double swags, please see our double swag category on our main website: Double Swag

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  1. The frame of the homestead is a bit heavy, but is neeyfor stability. The mattress in the swag doesn’t stop the cold air from coming through on cooler nights. So I’m looking for another mattress to put under to two single ones to prevent this, and help the bar down the middle being at bit in the way sometimes.
    My partner and I have the setup of the homestead into a routine.
    I do love the no movement feeling from the two different sides, slept on air beds so it’s really great.

    All in all when we get the chance to get away we both love the swag, in fact if it wasn’t off the ground my partner wouldn’t camp with me.

    1. Hi Janine, cold coming up under a stretcher swag is a problem. Maybe look at our 4 season sleeping bags? Or you could get one of those cheap silver survival blankets to put under the mattress, this will help retain your body heat in colder weather. Hope this helps.

  2. Double homestead ftw!
    Ours has taken us on months long adventures to the far north Western Australia into the hottest parts, across the Nullabor and into the Victorian Highlands in the snow, and many, many shorter trips.
    Loved every moment.
    The longest part of set up is getting it down off the roof racks!
    Love, love, love the frame.
    The frame means that I can straddle a tree stump, who cares about rocky, lumpy ground? Uneven? Pfft! Just dig the shovel in or poke a can under the leg. Perfect!
    The ropes attaching to the frame is brilliant. I can camp without even putting a peg in the ground.
    For the coldest nights we put a sleeping bag under us on top of the mattress. Mind you, the nights were -5 to -10. It was cool, but the canvas that this swag is made from really blocks the wind but still breathes and doesn’t trap condensation.
    The hottest nights are easy. Open her up! Stars, breeze and sunrise.

  3. Heya guys my name is milton mustert I was just wandering how much the double stretcher swag is and do you post to WA I’m in Karratha

    1. Hi Milton, sorry mate missed your post in amongst all the spam post we get. We can ship to WA mate, please give Mandy a call on 0478810777 or email her at

  4. I love your swags i was wondering i am a big ladie and was wandering the strap verses the bar down the middle would the bar at the ends bend due to my weight if you can not put to much tension on the turnbuckles.

    1. Hi Tracey, you are welcome to give me a call to discuss on 0428833659. Brett

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