Kerri’s Double Homestead Swag

Kerri’s Double Homestead Swag

Our Double Homestead swag has taken us on months long adventures to the far north Western Australia into the hottest parts, across the Nullabor and into the Victorian Highlands in the snow, and many, many shorter trips. Loved every moment. The longest part of set up is getting it down off the roof racks! Love, love, love the frame.

The frame means that I can straddle a tree stump, who cares about rocky, lumpy ground? Uneven? Pfft! Just dig the shovel in or poke a can under the leg. Perfect! The ropes attaching to the frame is brilliant. I can camp without even putting a peg in the ground.

For the coldest nights we put a sleeping bag under us on top of the mattress. Mind you, the nights were -5 to -10. It was cool, but the canvas that this swag is made from really blocks the wind but still breathes and doesn’t trap condensation. The hottest nights are easy. Open her up! Stars, breeze and sunrise. 10/10 Kerri Martin

Swag at Licola

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