Mexican Chicken Burrito

Mexican Chicken Burrito

G’day guys! I just wanted to share my Mexican chicken burrito recipe with you all for the competition. It’s very simple and easy, but so delicious with a little spicy kick! Thanks, Liam Riley.

  • Dice up 500g of chicken tenderloins;
  • Dice up half a brown onion;
  • Put the chicken and onion in a zip lock bag, along with 2 sachets of taco seasoning;
  • Seal the bag, shake and massage the chicken and onion until the seasoning gives an even coverage;
  • Fry up the chicken mix in a pan over the fire with some cooking oil until chicken is cooked all the way through. 
  • Put some chunky coleslaw on a soft burrito wrap, along with the chicken, and some salsa sauce and chilli to taste.
  • Wrap it up and enjoy with a beverage!

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