East Coast Swag Road Trip

East Coast Swag Road Trip

Hi guys! 

I saw your competition and wanted to share some of the photos we took of the swag on our East Coast road trip.

We LOVE our swag. It made all the difference on the trip, knowing we’d get a comfy night’s sleep. It was so much fun rocking up to some out of the way places in our beat up Manga, rolling past all the campervans and 4x4s with huge caravans, whipping it out and being set up in no time. We certainly turned many heads. 

We love it so much we’re planning to do a camping trip around Europe next year and take it with us. While traveling, a grey nomad couple in their huge kitted out caravan even looked at us with envy, saying how delightful our “little house” was. And it really was like our little home. 

I only wish I had more photos of the swag to share with you, but we spent so much time snuggled up inside it, I forgot to take more pics.

Anyway, thanks for making such an awesome product! I still can’t believe my luck at having stumbled across someone mentioning you in a forum. Camping has never been so comfortable or easy!

Jocelyn Bennett

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