WIN our NEW Double Stretcher!!!

WIN our NEW Double Stretcher!!!

Our patented new design allows a couple to sleep together with no middle bar down the middle! The patented tension strap down the middle stop the roll, while still keeping the stretcher comfortable!!!

You can win one of these brand new stretchers when we select a winner at the end of June. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Share this competition on one or more of
    your social media accounts;
  2. Come back here and leave a comment below
    letting us know you’ve shared this and where;
  3. Add your name to the email list below so we can keep
    in touch with you as this competition progresses.

Due to state laws we are not allowed to randomly draw a winner without getting a permit in every State. Therefore we will be manually selecting a winner and may near the end of this competition ask you to compete some random task to help us decide the outcome.

You can pre-order this stretcher for July delivery here: Double Stretcher
You can also pre-order our Double Stretcher Swag: Double Stretcher Swag

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  1. Finally! this stretcher looks great . We have been planning for 6 months, a 6 week camping trip at the end of the year 🤷‍♀️🤞across the desert to WA then up to NT before coming home to Qld. This would be great to have.

    1. Shared to Facebook. Keen to try your new Kulkyne Double Stretcher. Have been told to buy a Kulkyne stretcher but hadn’t got around to it.

      1. Shared on facebook, to bad those are not available in the netherlands. So i will try to win one 😁

    2. Love to win it so the wife will stop complaining about sleeping on the ground

      1. Legends! Love the innovation. Would love to win this 👍🏼 and break out the double swag post lock down (or maybe in the backyard!)

      2. Not sure you’d want to know what I’d be doing on the double swag *wink wink

    3. Would love to win one of these so much easier than camping on the ground

      1. Shared to Facebook.
        Looks great, would love to win for hubby and myself

    4. Shared Facebook
      Would love to win this stretcher as I have a bad hip and back.
      Some mornings can be a rather comical affair watching me try and get up after sleeping on the ground

    5. I have been looking out for a double stretcher for ages! We have a single stretcher that the single swag fits nicely on… but the double size swag just doesnt quite fit. I have shared this on facebook

    6. it might be the only way I’ll get the missus to share the swag with me.

    7. Been having some rough as sleeps with the double stretcher we have atm due to the pole down the middle 👎🏻. We would love to give this one a crack. Would be muchly appreciated🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🤞🤞🤞

  2. Have been looking for something like this for years.

    1. Would love to win,thank you for the opportunity.

  3. Love to win, with one of these beauties, I might just be able to get the wife to give camping a go

  4. Facebook

    Swagging procedure am

    – receive coffee from husband
    – attempt to sit and stretch out the back muscles
    -drink coffee while throwing clothing on in a ground sitting position
    -finish coffee and lay back down
    -finish getting dressed in a lay down position (time for pants to cover butt).
    – throw back bedding and assume crawling position
    -Crawl through swag opening to the outside world
    – remain in position until youngest child joins your side to provide a stable support to get into standing position

    – I need a stretcher, getting from the ground up is getting harder with age

    1. Had one of the original models that I regretfully sold.Was the best swag out, quality like you wouldn’t believe.Would love the opportunity to camp in the new model.Definitely a winner with the new strap system,game changer for sure….

  5. Yes please we bought queen stretcher of kulkyne and the bar is horribly uncomfortable makes using our swag a drag! We love these swags have purchased 3 so far for family

    1. Forgot to say I shared this on Facebook and Twitter

      1. Shared on Facebook!! This looks to be the best double stretcher on the market. Would definitely have to get the swag too if I won the stretcher!

        1. Shared. Perfect, I so need this.

  6. Awesome swags and I’m sure this will be an awesome stretcher. #sleepwell

  7. Hi Mandy and kulkyne team I’ve shared this comp to my story and my Facebook page.
    This stretcher would go great in the future for when i buy one of your double swags 👍🏻

  8. I shared this on FB 16/04/2020 and Hope I win it as Im a customer of yours and absolutely love your products. I was fortunate to get 1 of the last of the red swag combo and i love it.

    1. G’day I have shared this competition on my Instagram account- “gushundy” and my Facebook page “Gus Hundy”. I have been looking for a double stretcher over the past 2 years and now that I have found one that fits, I would love to give it a try.

      1. Whether I win or lose, either way, I will have one of these in my toolkit.

        Great innovation that will be a sought after addition to any camping setup!

        Shared on WhatsApp

  9. That is just what we need for our double swag! Awesome.

    1. This would be great to win to use on your first version of the double swag that I bought after getting the single homestead swag, best swag every even got my best mate to buy one as well.

  10. Comfy snuggles with the wife

  11. Have shared and subscribed an would love to win this for our double swag as getting harder to get off the ground the older you get thanks

  12. Well… u gotta grab a swag.. not just any swag.. U gotta grab a Kulkyne swag.
    Well u then gotta grab a stretcher.. not just any stretcher.. u gotta grab a ……
    Yep u gotta grab a Kulkyne….

  13. Absolutely love your gear. I’ve been putting off buying a double stretcher because of the pole for years. Looks like you guys have come up with a winner again!

  14. shared!! whoever is lucky enough to win is sure to enjoy a great nite sleep when we’re all allowed to return to normal,
    bloody covid-19

  15. Would be a great addition to our camping setup , bout time someone done a double stretcher !

  16. Shared to facebook !

  17. This wold be great for my next trip, when we are allowed to get back out there.

  18. Shared on facebook and signed up. Can’t wait to try it out at a beach spot 👌 so much better being off the ground. Would be sweet

  19. Haven’t got a wife but I’ll try and fine someone
    To share it with lol 😂

  20. Yes!!! After having a double swag that houses 2 kids and 2 adults when we go camping…….. This will provide some much needed comfort!! You bloody legends!!

    Shared to Instagram stories

  21. Great to have a stretcher to suit. great addition

  22. Love having australian products in my camper trailer

  23. Great, quality, durable products

  24. Like and shared on Facebook. What a great prize 👍🏻⛺️

  25. Looks great

  26. Great products from Aussie company! This will go great with our kulkyne swag

  27. Done and dusted. Hopefully this will allow the wife to come along more 🤞

  28. With the new born we have been looking at other options. This world work perfectly for us to get her off the ground when we camp on the beach.

  29. Shared to Twitter and Facebook.

    Would love to win one of these! My wife has a back inj and getting up off the floor is always a struggle. This would make it so much better.
    Thanks Kulkyne

  30. Shared to Facebook and subscribed many THANKS

    1. Shared to Facebook
      Wooohoo, I can’t get up or down so use a single stretcher while hubby of 33 years is on a mattress on the ground or outside the tent in a single swag, how awesome to be comfy together again! A must have for us “older & still luvin” campers.

  31. I have been looking for one without a middle bar. This will be perfect for a not so nimble but regular camper. Cant wait

  32. Finally! Been looking for something like this for an absolute age! We are planning a trip up the east coast and back at Christmas this year (Civid permitting) where we and the kids will be swagging the whole way. Have been looking for a decent double stretcher for us to use. May have finally found it. Would love to take it with us to keep the Mrs out of the cane toad’s reach. Pretty well the only way I will get her in a swag I suspect.
    Shared on FB.

  33. Awesome idea, love the look of it! Would make campfire nights in the Pilbara so much comfier! Shared to Facebook 👍🏻

  34. I bought and broke 2 of the “other super” large stretchers, 1st latest 30 seconds and the other on the 3rd night around 1am it collapsed. I’m getting to old to sleep on the ground and its nice to have a little luxury every now and then.

    Shared Facebook and Instagram

  35. Like and shared on Facebook. What an awesome prize 👍🏻⛺️

  36. Amazing, what a game changer! Shared IG @jeepinaustralia & gladly signed up for your emails. Cheers & good luck to us! ;p

  37. Shared, would be great to win 🙂 Finally no middle bar

    1. Oh, it would be great to not fly off the air bed when someone moves!!?
      What a great idea kulkyne swags!

  38. Love the swag looked in to getting one than this co19 stuffed it all up like the stretcher design

  39. Doneskies

  40. another quality product ! it looks like.. oh god i want this badboy !! good luck to me 🙂 kulkyne killing it again!!!

  41. Shared to Facebook.
    This looks awesome will be a great bit of kit to take away as soon as the Coronavirus knicks off and we can go on our family camping trip down the coast to our secret spot 🤞🏿

  42. Shared on Facebook. Keen as.

  43. Yes! I wont have to crawl out of the swag half asleep and try to stand up like a gimp!
    I shared it on facebook!

  44. My sons been going about needing one of these since getting his swag.
    It’s his birthday in a couple of weeks. This would be the perfect gift. Shut him up and not cost me a cent. Win win 😉
    Shared on twitter

  45. Awesome looking kit ! Keeping my eyes toes and fingers crossed for this bad boy !!

  46. It’s hard enough getting the wife to agree to go camping, then having to tell her that we’ll be sleeping on the ground.. This will be a marriage saver!!

  47. Shared to Facebook. I’ll be getting one of these even if I don’t win. I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a double stretcher without the centre bar for years. What a brilliant idea. I’ve spent well over a year total with a swag and stretcher in my time in the army and now as a civilian but only in a single. This is a game changer!!!

  48. Shared on Facebook and joined mail list. This would be awesome for our swag

  49. Finally a double stretcher that will fit me on it! I’m 6’5″ 110kg. And no middle bar! Shared on my Facebook page.

  50. I have been waiting for one if these to hit the market!!

  51. Yeah a streatcher that keeps the missus at bay…

  52. Shared through Facebook messenger.
    I reckon the three of us will fit .(me myself and I )

  53. Shared to Facebook! This would be a great thing as I have a double Kulkyne swag highly recommend these swags!

  54. Shared!

    Be nice to win so we can sleep in our swag off the ground with our little one comfortably and not roll into each other.

  55. This takes camping in the high country to a whole new level…. literally!!! Oh how I want one….

  56. Misso is a bit of a princess, so getting the stretcher will make it easier to convince her to come out to explore!

  57. Shared on Facebook to set up my queen size kulkyneswag on it

  58. Shared!
    This would be amazing for our little family. We cant use our homestead with the current stretcher as we have a new baby. This would mean we could sleep comfortably together!

  59. I will be using my stretcher for when we are up the Bush hound hunting, those cold nights you get a much better sleep when your off the ground, 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  60. Have been eyeing off our friends’ double swag and stretcher combo for years, we call it the Taj Mahal lol, but couldn’t justify purchasing a new swag when ours is still in good condition. Would absolutely love this addition! Fingers and toes crossed.

  61. Shared on Facebook.

    Need some accommodation in this COVID-19 environment. I’m 3.5mins away from being relegated to the backyard by the wife and daughters. I need something sturdy, weather proof and comfy so this fits the bill perfectly. Heeeeeeeeelp!!!

  62. Would love one cause my Kings stretcher is about as shit as they come

  63. My hubby has had a double hip replacement and he still loves to go bush. Problem is he can’t get up off the ground. After a 10min attempt he is standing and then it’s coffee time. No adulting on the ground lol. A stretcher would help him get up in more ways than one

  64. We have you’re 4 seasons queen sleeping bag, amazing, so warm and comfy great for our camper trailer! Great product we can use all year round! Also have a you’re pink swag love it 😍

  65. Would love to give this stretcher a go sick and tired of sleeping on the ground.

  66. Best swag I have owned, I have shared on Facebook,

  67. Shared on Facebook could use this when I going camping and 4wding

  68. Shared on Fb 👍🏽 Love to have a Double stretcher like this so that cuddling up to keep warm in the winter camp outs is more comfortable 👍🏽😉

  69. Shared to Facebook…. I need this to get me off the ground, being harder to get up out of a swag every year.
    Great stuff Kulkyne!

  70. Wow this would be awesome to win and take camping on the beach

  71. Would love to get my double swag off the ground. Looking foreward to getting more of your fantastic gear

  72. Shared twitter @wdarcy I would love one of these for my amazing swag

  73. Share and signed up would luv to win this stretcher, my wife would want to come camping 😜

  74. Ahh to get off the ground in comfort would be grand

  75. Likes and shared. Can’t wait to get a comfy nights sleep in my swag as soon as the travel ban is lifted!

  76. Great design guys I currently have one with the center bar would love to see how the new design works 👍

  77. I would love this stretcher under my swag when we can go fishing and camping on Teewah Beach again!

  78. This would be a fantastic prize to win !! If I won I’d give the other double version we have to my brother to get him of the ground

  79. Now I’ll have no choice but to bring my girlfriend with me! In all honesty will probably get rid of my bed base with this one at home!

  80. Letting you know I have Shared this competition on Facebook.

  81. I have just bought a double swag what a great partner this would be. Can’t wait for this lockdown to be over and I can try them both out.

  82. I have shared this on my Facebook page and tagged my husband. He has a Kulkyne swag which he loves and should get commission, as he sings its praises to anyone that will listen. The old boy has done many years of both hearing and then construction site work so his back is not what it was. He would love one of these stretchers!

  83. I have shared this! I’d love to win as we are a family of 4 with 2 young children, only own 1 double swag and would love to win another so we are able to go camping and create special family memories together!

  84. OMG! I remember answering your query years ago “if we can come up with a double stretcher without a middle bar, would you buy it?” HELL YEAH! was my answer back then and I’m excited to see Kulkyne fulfilled their commitment! Well done guys!!

  85. This would be so much better to sleep on than the inflatable mattress that we have now that has lost its stopper, so is plugged with a cork and doesn’t stay inflated for very long 😊

  86. Shared to Facebook. Would love to give this stretcher a go with our kulkyne double swag, would be heaps better for my partner who has a bad back!

  87. Congrats guys! The demand for this has been there for a long time now, good to see a small Aussie (and fellow Victorian) independent manufacturer finally coming up with it! Heading to share in facebook group Everything Caravan and Camping as I’ve seen that many requests for dbl stretchers without centre poles that surely, at least some of them will be in there. Love your work!

  88. Stretcher Good. Ground Bad!

  89. Awesome looking bit of kit… Shared and updated mailinglist email

  90. Done n dusted… Get me off the cold ground!

    Shared FB

  91. Would love to win this so I don’t have to sleep so close to the ground any more

  92. Shared Facebook, think this is fabulous

  93. Just what my partner & I need for our swag now he has trouble getting up off the ground.

  94. Looks like a great idea…be pretty good to give it a go. Shared to my Instagram (its_what_we_do__) and to my FB ….

  95. About time it was made!

    Always on the fore front of gear, well done

    Shared to Facebook!

  96. Would love one of these to get our double swag off the ground. Shared to Facebook and subscribed to mailing list. Fingers crossed.

  97. Would love to get my double swag off the the ground wen camping in the rain

  98. Would be perfect to get out and use my queen swag. Ideally would like the queen pillow top mattress that was meant to come with my swag when I purchased it. But that is not to be so hopefully a stretcher will make for a better nights sleep.
    Shared on Facebook

  99. This is what we desperately need. Our stretcher has an awful bar down the middle.

  100. At last a stretcher with no middle pole!!!

  101. We do a lot of camping(when we are not in ISO)whether it is an overnight stay in the swag or a week + in the tent. My husband would prefer a stretcher to get us up of the ground! Our Kulkyne swag would fit nicely!

  102. Fantastic, I’ve just bought 3 swags now for 3 of these beauties.

  103. This is awesome! Love that there is no middle bar

  104. This a great design, maybe this would help me convince the misses to come camping with me, help a brother out!

  105. Would actually just love a swag that is comfortable so my hubby and I can actually share together ❤

  106. Shared. Looks brilliant

  107. Looking for a place in Darwin I could buy this. I like the idea of putting my pop up mozzie dome on it for camping during the Dry season

  108. Shared Facebook.
    No more sleeping on the ground, Woooooo!!!!

  109. Shared to Facebook. My young fellas would love this (7&9). They both have the king single kulkyne swags but often share the same swag together. We go camping most weekends so it would be very well tried and tested 🤞🏻

  110. After camping on the ground for the last 37yts it might be time to step up to a little bit of luxury. Awesome looking bit of kit.

  111. I Have owned the Kulkyne single for years. It’s the best investment for camping I’ve ever made and have had many nights snuggled up in my tent cot. Would love to win and have room for a 5 year old grandson to join me as he’s not ready to sleep alone.

  112. I need this to keep me and my queen air pole swag off the ground, It’s a long way up some mornings.

  113. Cant wait to have this in my camping kit. The wifey will love it not having to get up off the ground :). Looks really strong and sturdy. Looks like an essential addition to our setup.

  114. Just shared the post and joined the mailing list!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  115. Well done on the R&D guys, this looks fantastic! I hope it has a huge success

  116. Would love to win one of these! I have been looking for one without a middle bar. I has a back inj aftermaths motet vehicle accident and getting up off the floor is always a struggle. This would make it so much better. This would be perfect for me as a regular camper.
    Thanks Kulkyne
    Shared to Facebook.

  117. It’s going to fit perfectly in the new ranger ready for camping adventures in fire affected regions in nsw and Victoria. Perfect for starring at stars at night with all this new clear sky

  118. This is fantastic. Will be great for my self isolation and I’ll be more comfortable than I’m used to.🤠

  119. Awesome idea

  120. Have been looking for a good quality stretcher for a long time

  121. Would love to win one of these double stretches l have your double sleeping bag would be great if l could use it . I have had surgery on both my shoulders

  122. I would go all starfish in my swag while camping without the fam..

  123. Awesome! Exactly what we’ve been looking for to leave the camper and do some more extreme 4wding and camping !

  124. This strecher combined with the kulkyne double swag would be the perfect setup! Nothing else like it!

  125. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 looks like a great product!!
    Shared on Facebook 😊

  126. Hi I would love to win one if these my wife can’t use the swag anymore due to her bad knees but with this we can put the swag on top and she could still get in and out with out any pain.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fantastic product.

  127. Posted on my Facebook!!

  128. I would love to win this stretcher, to go with my swag. Or would make the whole camping experience so much know enjoyable.

  129. Would love to win this so that our old bones don’t feel so old crawling out of a swag on the ground have been wanting a double stretcher for so long
    Can’t wait to go camping after lockdown
    Shared to Facebook

  130. Shared on Facebook and Instagram!
    I don’t want to win…. I NEED to win. My relationship depends on it. How can we keep “talking about feelings” in the bedroom while camping when there is a big ugly pole between us? I just keep hurting my back… That’s why I NEED to win, but you also want to know HOW I’m going to use it???
    Well… I will without a doubt use it to successfully “talk about feelings” as we are trying to “keep warm” on a cold camping night…

  131. Shared this to my friends on Facebook!
    The Swag I brought back in 2011-2012 is great and the go-to over the single swag. It has been a pity that I haven’t been able to get it off the ground until now.

  132. We already love our queen size kulkyne swag. Adding the stretcher would help keep us off the ground when the nights get cold.

  133. Will keep me and one of the boys comfy when we can next go camping, the wife and the youngest son usually get the camper bed while I swag it..

  134. Love these swags and have used them for years. This is the best innovation for a double swag I have seen thus far. Great product and great service from wonderful people.

  135. Shares on FB. This looks amazing! Definitely and must have and I’ll be crossing my fingers 🤞🏼🤞🏼

  136. Looks awesome,to get the swag off the ground would be a godsend in Rocky ant infested campgrounds

  137. So good.
    This’ll fit perfectly under the new swags.
    And stop me feeling 💯 in the morning 😂
    Shared on Facebook

  138. This is fantastic. We have used other double stretchers, but have always had an issue with the centre strut. Looking forward to when you release this one. I have shared on my facebook pages. Cheers Gus

  139. Shared on Facebook this will be fantastic to use in the post Covid Blues.

  140. Would love this. I have been looking everywhere for one of these shops in our area don’t stock them so hopefully by sharing on face book I will win

  141. A game changer camping stretcher – would love to have one of these.
    Do you attend any 4WD and camping shows near Melbourne?

    1. Sorry mate we don’t.

  142. I’ve spent hours on the web looking for something like this. It’s such a great idea and I’m excited to get one. If I don’t win, I’ll be buying one. The more comfortable I can make it for the better half, the more often we’ll get away.

  143. I like my luxury camping gear and I like to sprawl out when I sleep. If I win I am going to use it alllll to myself and attempt Tassie winter camping! Have shared to my new Pinterest board ‘Snazzy camping gear’.

  144. Shared with Facebook. Cant wait to get my hands on one. it will go nicely with the queen swag we have been using for a while now.

    Good to get up off the ground and make it a bit easier for an old fella to roll out of bed.

  145. Yay!!!! Finally a double stretcher I can put my swag on without a pole down the middle to keep me off the floor!!! Shared on Facebook

  146. Justin

    This is what i have always wanted rather then just sleeping directly on a hard surface,

  147. We are starting our adventure in WA and it would be amazing to have the stretcher so we can be off the ground.

  148. Finally I have found a double bed stretcher with no centre bar and looks sturdy to take 2 people Many years of sleeping in a swag on the ground in the winter I can get up and out as I get older 😂shared on my Facebook 👍

  149. Shared on Facebook
    Finally I’ve found the best stretcher on the market for me and the dog! Thought I’d try my luck out before I purchase, looking forward to the luxury of being up off the ground

  150. I have shared on twitter and Facebook, it will go everywhere, first stretcher with no centre bar can’t wait to give it a whirl. We can now cuddle

  151. I am 65 just getting to retirement and I need this strecher because I have just bought a double and find it to hard to get out of the swag. I Would love to win this so I can enjoy camping with my new strecher and swag . Please be me as I can’t afford to buy one

  152. Shared to Facebook, but can’t add my email, as your subscriber limit has been reached. Tried 3 times but failed each time for that reason.

    Looks like a good stretcher, and better than others I’ve seen

  153. I’m old and my body carnt mobilize like it use to. This would be great to make it easier to escape the misses as I will be able to get out and run lol.

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