Double Swag Stretcher for the Kings Swag

Take your Big Daddy Swag to the next level!

When it comes to camping gear, few things are more important than a comfortable place to sleep. This is where the Double Swag Stretcher which fits the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag comes in – it’s the ultimate solution for a comfortable and convenient camping experience for your Big Daddy Swag. This great stretcher from Kulkyne has no middle bar and will take your Kings swag to the next level! Is your swag mattress not quite doing the job? Adding a stretcher to suit your swag will take your comfort to the next level.

What is the Double Swag Stretcher for Kings?

The Double Swag Stretcher for Kings Big Daddy Swag is a piece of camping gear that allows you to combine a camping stretcher with your Kings Big Daddy Swag. The stretcher provides a sturdy and supportive base to sleep on, while the swag mattress offers a layer of comfort. The Double Swag Stretcher for the Kings Big Daddy Swag is unique as it is both double size and yet has no middle bar, which makes it perfect for couples or a single person who wants to spread out.

How does Kings Double Swag fit the Double Swag Stretcher from Kulkyne?

You’ll get about 4 cms of swag overhanging the stretcher, which is fine as this help rain to run off the swag and not catch in the stretcher. The Stretcher is longer than the Kings Swag, but this is no issue, the swag sits nicely on top of the stretcher and we already have hundreds of Kings customers using our stretcher for their Kings Big Daddy Swag!

Kings Double Swag Stretcher Buying Guide

When shopping for a Stretcher for your Kings Big Daddy Swag there are a few things you should consider:

  1. If you don’t want a middle bar this Stretcher is the only one on the market without one. Our tension strap is patented and is required from stopping you and your partner from sagging into the middle of your Kings Stretcher Swag combo.
  2. This Stretcher is weight rated to 200kgs for a couple and a maximum of 120kgs for a single person.
  3. At close to 30kgs (two bags) and 7-10 minute set up time it’s not for everyone, so please consider this before purchase.


The Double Swag Stretcher for the Kings Swag is the ultimate camping solution for those who are looking to upgrade the comfort of their Kings Big Daddy Swag. With a sturdy and stable base, a cushioned sleeping surface (the Swag mattress), and the ability to be set up and taken down reasonably quickly, this combo is the perfect choice for any camping trip if you already own the Kings Swag.

Overall, The Double Swag Stretcher is a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and convenient camping bed that already has a Kings Swag. Please see our Double Swag Stretcher product page for more details, or read this post for more information: Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag

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    1. Please follow this link to buy directly from us online or find a dealer: Double Stretcher

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