Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag Stretcher
The Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag sitting on a Kulkyne Double Stretcher with no middle bar.

Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag Stretcher

Double Stretcher (no middle bar)

In this article we’ll answer the question as to how a Kings Big Daddy Swag fits on the Kulkyne double stretcher (with no middle bar). This is one of our most asked questions, so we’ve taken the time to grab some pictures and to answer the common questions we get from customers the Kings Big Daddy swag.

Why are Kings Big Daddy Swag owners all buying the Kulkyne Double Stretcher?

We’ve designed and patented the only double stretcher with no middle bar on the market! Because this double stretcher has a patented tension strap rather than a hard middle bar, couples and big blokes are able to stretch out in their double swags rather than having to stick to one side of a hard bar down the middle.

Will the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag fit on a Kulkyne Double Stretcher?

While our double stretcher was designed to fit our Kulkyne Queen size swag other double swags will sit nicely on top of our stretcher, however they will not attach to the stretcher like our swag.  

Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag on a Kulkyne Double Stretcher (no middle bar)

Will the Kulkyne Spring Steel Rods attach to the Kings Big Daddy Swag?

Yes, as you can see in the picture our spring steel rods will connect with the Kings Big Daddy end awning flaps with a little help from the ropes on the end of the Kings swag. The Kings Big Daddy Deluxe swag is shorter than our swag so using the guy rope helps not to bend the spring steel rods back too far.

The Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag with Spring Steel Rod attached to the end awning

The Kings Big Daddy Swag is Wider than the Stretcher, is this ok?

Yes, we’ve designed the stretcher to be a little narrower than the swag. This helps water to run off the sides better and ensures when you sit on the edge of the stretcher the swag mattress is on top of the side rail making it more comfortable to get into or out of your swag!

This picture shows how the Big Daddy Deluxe swag sits on top of the Kulkyne Double Stretcher

Can I Use my Big Daddy Swag for Two People on this Stretcher?

Yes, our patented tension strap helps prevent a couple from rolling into each other while sleeping (while still being comfortable to lay across). We use four turnbuckles to tension the strap ensuring adequate separation. 

The underside of the Kulkyne Double stretcher shows the Patented tension strap

Do I have to Use the Turnbuckles to Set up the Double Stretcher?

If you’re just using this stretcher on your own, you won’t need to set up the turnbuckles! Turnbuckles are only required when using our double stretcher for two people. Many Kings customer use their Big Daddy swag on their own, the stretcher works just as well for one person as for two.

The turnbuckles tension the tension strap to provide seperation when used by two people

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum weight rating after putting my Kings Big Daddy Deluxe swag on your Double Stretcher?

A: The weight rating is 200kgs for a couple or 120kgs for an individual. While the double stretcher is generally strong enough to take more than this, we only warrant up to these levels.

Q: Will the wind blow my Kings Swag off the double stretcher?

A: No, the end poles on the Kings Big Daddy swag sit over the stretcher so the base of the swag will not move around. Also, our spring rods at the end of the double stretcher attach to the end awnings of the Kings Big Daddy swag which helps hold the swag down on the stretcher. 

Q: Why can’t I attach my Big Daddy swag to the end bars of your double stretcher like you do with your Kulkyne Queen swag?

A: Our Queen swag is 100mm longer than the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag. This means the Kings end poles can’t reach to the ends of our double stretcher.

Q: Should I upgrade to your Kulkyne Queen swag?

A: That’s really a matter for your budget. Of course, our Queen swag matches up with our double stretcher perfectly, but if you already have a swag you are happy with, it might be an unnecessary cost to change over an existing swag too. You can always upgrade your swag down the track, there is no need to buy it at the same time as our double stretcher if you are watching your pennies!

Q: I don’t have a swag yet, should I buy the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag or your Queen Swag?

A: Our Kulkyne Queen swag is considerably more expensive than the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe swag because we use high grade materials when manufacturing our swags. The means our swags are more durable and longer lasting. But again, this is a matter for your budget. We also have a sister brand Mallee Swags which is considerably cheaper than our Kulkyne range if you are budget conscious or won’t get the use out of it to justify the cost.


The Kings Big Daddy Deluxe swag does work well with the Kulkyne Double Stretcher bed and will make your Kings swag much more comfortable that using it on the ground. If you’d like to purchase our Double Stretcher to match your Kings Big Daddy Swag please visit the following link: Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag Stretcher

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  1. Nice Strecher, I’d really like to see you modify your Strecher a little more with side cross braces or extended outer rails to suit the big daddy deluxe, as you realise there must be 90% more big daddy deluxe swags out there needing this great Strecher.

    Kind regards JT.

    Requiring a price please.

    1. Thanks JT, but we don’t need to extend the end bars to suit the Big Daddy Deluxe Swag as it is the same width as our swag which fits this stretcher. The issue is the Kings Big Daddy swag is 20cms shorter than our swag and won’t reach the end bars. The Kings is a very short swag. Having said all of that the Kings Big Daddy sits on top of this stretcher fine which was the point of this article. Please see the price here: Stretcher for Big Daddy Swag

    1. Please see this web page to get a price on the double stretcher and to get a freight quote Double Stretcher.

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  3. Any chance of bringing out a Bathurst edition with adjustable height leg’s for uneven ground like camping on the hill at Bathurst?

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