Double Swag: Things you should consider
A Kulkyne Double Swag set up on a double stretcher

Double Swag: Things you should consider

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to purchasing a double swag. If you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient outdoor sleeping solution for two, a double swag is a great option. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to choose the best double swag for your needs, including size, material, features, and more. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with all the information you need to make an informed decision and purchase the perfect double swag for your next camping adventure.

Should I buy a Double Swag?

If you’re purchasing for two people, then yes! Double swags have plenty of room for two and both can assist in rolling it up. If you just want a big swag for one person (even a large person) you might be better off looking at an XL King Single suck as the Kulkyne Big Boy Swag or the Mallee 1100. Both these swags are roomy but easier to cart around and roll up than a double swag.  

Considering the width of a Double Swag

Technically a double swag is defined as 1400mm wide, and some manufacturers use this size. Other double swag manufacturers make Queen size swags (1500mm wide as a queen bed at home) but call them double swags as this is what most customers mean when they are searching for a double swag. Both the Kulkyne Queen size swag and the Mallee 1500 are both double swags of 1500mm wide (be careful of manufacturers claiming to be 1550mm wide as this can often be the measurement from pole to pole and not the swag base size). 

Considering the length of a Double Swag

If you’re 6’ (182cms) or taller you need to be careful when selecting a double swag as the length of different brands varies significantly. Most manufacturers claim to be 215cms long, but some when measured come out at 205cms. While this still sounds quite generous you have to consider that swags do slope in at the ends so this effectively shortens the swag. Our Mallee 1500 swag is a true 215cms swag and our Kulkyne Queen swag is probably the longest on the market at 225cms. 

You get what you pay for!

As manufactures of both a cheaper and top end canvas swags we can tell you with confidence: you get what you pay for! Lower cost swags of course use lower cost materials to offer a lower cost swag to the market. Our Kulkyne swags are double the price of our Mallee swags and this is purely down to the quality of materials we use in our Kulkyne products. However, if budget is an issue, we also take pride in our Mallee Swags being the best in their price range. Please think about your usage when purchasing a swag. 

Double Swag Features you should look for

Double Swags of the dome variety are pretty much the same in features, however there are some important points you should consider:

  1. Size of storm flaps to cover the zips.
  2. Tub-type PVC floor for better waterproofing.
  3. Boot-bag to keep your boots outside and out of the weather.
  4. Clear PVC sleeve to hold an LED light.

Ease of Use

While most dome double swags look pretty much the same, there can be differences in ease of set up. Anytime you need to feed poles through canvas to set them up this takes additional time so look for swags (such as Kulkyne and Mallee) that are designed to attach the end poles exclusively by clipping C-clips from the swag onto the poles. This might sound like a small detail but do it a few dozen times and you’ll see what we mean!

Double Swag Bags

Having a good quality bag for your swag will keep it clean while travelling, but just as importantly will help keep the spiders out of it while storing your double swag in the shed! The problem with most swag bags is that it’s hard to get the swag back in them, we’d suggest therefore purchasing Kulkyne Swag Bags (even for other brands) as their unique design and generous cut make putting your swag in the bag so easy.


In conclusion, purchasing the right double swag the first time will ensure you have a swag that lasts you and saves you from having to purchase a second time because you purchased the wrong one. If you have any questions on which double swag is right for you and the accessories available for swags, please call Mandy or Brett on 0478 810 777 and please visit our listing of double swags and accessories.

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