King Single Swags: selecting the right one
Our green Digicam King Single swag

King Single Swags: selecting the right one

In this post we’re taking a look at our King Single Swag range, the colours they’re available in, and the difference between our Kulkyne Kampers range of swags and our Mallee Swags.

King Single Swag Specifications

Our Mallee 900 swag is 210 cms long and 90 cms wide, with a 70mm thick mattress.

Our Kulkyne King Single Swags are the same length as our Mallee Swags, however they are 5cms wider giving you a bit more room that normal size king single swags. The Kulkyne also has a 70mm foam mattress.

Which is the Best King Single Swag?

If you’ve already looked at our website you’ll have noticed that our Kulkyne King Single Swags are about twice the price of our Mallee 900 swag. The question we get is why the big difference in price?

Like everything in life—you get what you pay for!

Our Mallee Swags are designed to be the best in their price range, so if you’re looking for a cheaper swag, they’re great value and decent quality compared to others in this price bracket.

But if you’re looking for a high-quality swag that will last for years—then the Kulkyne is the clear choice, not just over the Mallee Swag: but over the more expensive big-name brands too!

All our King Single Swags are made in our own factory by the same staff, and on the same sewing machines, we make our Kulkyne Swags on. The difference is the quality of materials we can buy for the Kulkyne Swags given their higher price point. 

You might say doesn’t that mean higher priced swags are always better? That’s not exactly true, as some swag companies are bigger than others and have much higher overheads. We’ve made the choice to stay a small family business and keep our quality up rather than raising our prices or cutting our quality.

In our Kulkyne Swags we use a premium grade cotton in our poly/cotton canvas and it’s not cheap to buy from the canvas makers. We also use a higher-grade PVC floor and higher quality fittings.

This adds up to higher durability, better waterproofing, and a more colour fast canvas.

Which King Single Swag is right for you?

If you’re going to get enough use out of a King Single Swag—go with the Kulkyne. If you’re on a budget or won’t get a lot of use out of your swag—the Mallee Swag is a good option. 

King Single Swag Colour Options

Our Mallee Swags just come in the one colour which is a popular colour. The Kulkyne range comes in a variety of colours in the King Single size which is important when the kids each want a different colour!  

We do have single swags for kids, but we find most parents want to get them a king single swag so that when they grow up, they don’t have to buy a new one. 

With the quality of the Kulkyne, their swag will certainly last into adulthood, and unless they’re going to grow over 6’ 2” they won’t outgrow it. 

Green King Single Swag from Kulkyne Kampers
Green King Single Swag – Kulkyne Kampers
Green Digicam king single swag from Kulkyne Kampers
King Single Swag – Green Digicam pattern
Blue and Grey king single swag from Kulkyne Kampers
Kulkyne King Single Swag – Blue and Grey
Blue Camo pattern in the King Single size from Kulkyne Kampers
King Single Swag – Blue Camo pattern
Kulkyne Kampers Bush Red colour in the king single size
Kulkyne King Single Swag – Bush Red colour
Our Kulkyne Pink Camo pattern in the king single swag size
King Single Swag – Pink Camo pattern
Our hot Pink king single swag.
King Single Swag – Hot Pink colour

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is their a matching stretcher for the Kulkyne and Mallee King Single swags?

A: Yes we make a stretcher to match the Kulkyne King Single perfectly. The swag even attaches to the end bars of the stretcher (by design). The Mallee Swag was not designed for this stretcher, so does not connect with the end bars as shown, however sits on the stretcher nicely. 

Q: Do you have a sleeping bag for your King Single Swags?

A: Yes, we have our premium 4-Season King Single Sleeping Bags which are designed specifically for our Kulkyne King Single Swag. This sleeping bag also suits the Mallee 900 swag too.


If you’d like to look at more pictures of our range of King Single Swags in both the Kulkyne and Mallee range, please visit our website: King Single Swags

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  1. Hi, just wondering what method is used to keep the swag rolled up. Is it the metal style D rings or the plastic quick release clip.

    1. Hi quality 50mm plastic buckles.

  2. Do u get a double blue camo swag at all

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