Best Kulkyne Swag Picture – July 2019

Best Swag Picture

We love to have pictures from our customers using our swags out in the bush to put on our website. If you are prepared to make the effort to get a great snap of one of our Kulkyne products in use we may give you a King Single Swag for your trouble!

Most entrants will have their picture(s) featured on our blog and the best pictures will be used on our main website for marketing purposes. We will choose the winner of this giveaway using the following criteria:

  • Obviously it must be a picture of one of our Kulkyne products;
  • The quality of the image (the wow factor);
  • The number of shares and page views the image has on our blog;
  • If the image makes it into our main marketing materials.

By entering this giveaway you give Kulkyne Swags the right to use your image(s) in our marketing materials. Please send your image(s) to and subscribe to the following email list so we can keep in touch with you about this and future giveaways.

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